Infusery - Sink or Swim Recording Studio


Infusery Infusery_Li, and Infusery_Vg, known as Joe and K, make up an unstoppable team! They are both top-notch chefs based out of Long Island, NY. They have years of knowledge and experience when it comes to cheffing up! For those who may not know, Infusery is more than just a name. It also means the …

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JaySix - Sink or Swim Recording Studio

1-5? Okay Six

1-5? Okay Six JaySix is a recording artist from Long Island who doesn’t shy away from hard work. He doesn’t let his natural talent give him false confidence. Six embraces the journey ahead of him, cherishes the experiences behind him but always makes sure to execute at the moment. If there is an artist showcase, …

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