Audio Book Recording

Audio book recording

Audio Book Recording As a local Long Island author, you’ve put your heart and soul into your writing. You’ve spent countless hours crafting your story, developing your characters, and perfecting your prose. Now that your book is complete, you’re ready to take the next step: recording an audiobook. Recording an audiobook can be daunting, especially

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Recording Studio Long Island NY

Sink or Swim Recording Studio Long Island, NY

Sink or Swim Recording Studio Long Island, NY Long Island, NY, has been home to some of the most significant musical and artistic movements of the 20th century, from the jazz and blues to the hip hop and indie rock of the 21st century. The area has always been a hub for creativity and art.

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Modernization of Music Industry

Modernization Of The Music Industry

Modernization Of The Music Industry Over the past few years, a significant development has come about within the music industry. This development has increased the probability of becoming a successful independent artist and has leveled the playing field regarding independent artists’ ability to carve their path to success. Instead of having to acquire deals from

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Infusery - Sink or Swim Recording Studio


Infusery Infusery_Li, and Infusery_Vg, known as Joe and K, make up an unstoppable team! They are both top-notch chefs based out of Long Island, NY. They have years of knowledge and experience when it comes to cheffing up! For those who may not know, Infusery is more than just a name. It also means the

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JaySix - Sink or Swim Recording Studio

1-5? Okay Six

1-5? Okay Six JaySix is a recording artist from Long Island who doesn’t shy away from hard work. He doesn’t let his natural talent give him false confidence. Six embraces the journey ahead of him, cherishes the experiences behind him but always makes sure to execute at the moment. If there is an artist showcase,

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Kuda - Sink or Swim Recording


Operation Ayeeeee – N.B.B Out Now Monday night October 3rd Sink or Swim Recording Studio featured Kudaboy and his manager Anthony as guests on their new podcast “The Aqua Lounge” hosted by HQ_SU. The Aqua Lounge discussed many topics with Kuda from the beginning of Kuda’s career, to how Kuda and Anthony met and how

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K Little - Sink or Swim Recording Studio

K Little – A Brooklyn Story

A Brooklyn Story K-Little is a Brooklyn Rapper from Cypress Hills, NY. Growing up in a tough environment, K had to face abnormal challenges early on, which taught him valuable life lessons. K-Little was born with several talents, but in his early teenage years, his most powerful talent came to fruition. As a result of K’s

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Chill-E-Vibes - Sink or Swim Recording Studio

Chill-E-Vibes – The Faceless Artist

The Faceless Artist Chill-E-Vibes is a Long Island Based artist with a unique style to his craft. Before we even get to the music, Chill-E does not show his face on social media, during live performances, or anywhere else you may find him as an artist. He is a man who values his own &

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Shawny Boe - Sink or Swim Recording Studio

Shawny Boe – Cypress Hill Underdog

Cypress Hills Underdog  Shawny Boe is a recording artist from Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, who specializes in hip-hop, and rap. He has been making music for 10+ years and was even the first one in his crew to get everyone else into rapping. After many years and much growth, Shawny Boe connected with MarlinBeats through a

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