Time Management in Audio Recording

The Importance of Time Management in Recording Studios

Your time spent in a recording studio can be an enjoyable and exciting experience, especially here at Sink Or Swim Recording Studio on Long Island in New York.

From the cool vibes and atmosphere to the recording and music-making process, different emotions will be exposed and your creativity will be able to fully express its best self.

As much fun as it could be, it is also important to understand time management and remember that you still need to be productive and respectful to the people around you. 

Here at Sink Or Swim Recording Studio, our main goal is to make sure that the artist and client has the best session humanly possible, in terms of creativity, comfortability and respect.

There are so many talented artists and creatives on Long Island, and being able to host their sessions at SOS means the world to us. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your sessions and to get the most value possible for the price that you are paying. No one wants to waste each other’s time, and I think the best and highest quality music and product can be created when everyone involved is working together and respecting each other.

Here are a few things that we feel can help you get the most out of your sessions without wasting money and time.


The first thing that we will talk about is being on time. Being on time for your sessions is super important for a few reasons.

Every minute in the creative process is important.

Let’s say you book a 2 hour session from 4pm-6pm… If you show up at 4:25, you now have just wasted 25 minutes that could have been used to help you finalize those last few bars of the song, or those 25 minutes could have sparked a new idea that fits better for the hook part of the song, where as if you showed up late, those ideas wouldn’t be entertained.

Being on time is also important because it shows respect to the studio and the engineers that are helping you with your session. The engineer is the one that has the most influence on your sound and final product, so don’t make the engineer wait around for you. 

Minimize Distractions

Another thing that can help time management is who you bring to your sessions. Again, here as Sink Or Swim Recording Studio we want artists and clients to feel as comfortable as possible.

If bringing your friends or family helps you in your creative process whether it be input from them, or just the comfortability of having them around, we fully support that. But you just want to make sure that there isn’t anyone there distracting you from working and taking time away from your session. Sometimes you may not even notice it, but just be aware of who you’re bringing and if they are supporting you for the right reasons. 

Stick to a Plan

The last thing that we believe can help time management is having some sort of a rough plan to follow. Of course the whole point of a recording session is to be creative and sometimes that creativity can take you on a completely different path than what you expected, but having a rough plan can help boost that creativity and help again, manage your time.

We have noticed from experience running our studio Sink or Swim and working with Long Island and New York artists we know everyone’s process is different. And it also takes time for an artist to figure out their process as well.

For example, some artists like to come to the studio with their songs pre-written and the beat already picked out. With that process, you can get right in and start working as soon as you’re ready, and you’ll know exactly what you can get done in the specific amount of hours you booked.

Another example would be artists that come to the studio to listen to beats, pick one they like, and then start writing or freestyling to create your song. In this process, the artists know how their creativity flows, so picking the right beat and coming up with lyrics is straight from being in the moment.

There is so right or wrong process. Like I said before, everyone is different, but knowing your process will really help keep you on track and not distract you from finishing your music.  

Every minute in the studio counts and is super important.

Hopefully, some of the things we talked about above will help you with your time management, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a session, or even if you need help with time management in the studio. Let us know! 

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