Infusery - Sink or Swim Recording Studio


Infusery_Li, and Infusery_Vg, known as Joe and K, make up an unstoppable team! They are both top-notch chefs based out of Long Island, NY. They have years of knowledge and experience when it comes to cheffing up!

For those who may not know, Infusery is more than just a name. It also means the special ingredient they add to their dishes. Before every dish they serve, they ask One question, “Would you like that Infused or non-infused?”. That’s because they are a THC food company that supplies a great experience more than just the awesome taste of their food. As stated above, they always make sure to extend the option to infuse or not. There are plenty of reasons why Joe and K make a great team, but to me, the greatness is in their menu options. Joe is a chef who doesn’t tend to any single style or taste.

K is more specifically a Vegan Chef but is wicked creative with his dishes. Personally, my favorite dishes from the Infusery team are Joe’s Jerk Chicken Tacos and K’s Plant-Based Chopped Cheese Quesadilla. You can catch the Infusery team at their monthly Blunt & Brunch event! They host their brunch at Sink Or Swim Recording Studio at least 1 Sunday a month, where you can get some awesome food and vibes!

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