Kuda - Sink or Swim Recording

Operation AyeeeeeN.B.B Out Now

Monday night October 3rd Sink or Swim Recording Studio featured Kudaboy and his manager Anthony as guests on their new podcast “The Aqua Lounge” hosted by HQ_SU. The Aqua Lounge discussed many topics with Kuda from the beginning of Kuda’s career, to how Kuda and Anthony met and how their relationship formed. 

We also talked about Kuda’s career and evolving with music as time changes. After the show Kuda went directly to Sink or Swim Recording Studio to get a quick 2-hour recording session in before he went back to the city. In the first half of the session, he did some touch up work to a song from a previous session. 

Next, he went on to do a remix track which is absolutely heat. Kuda is a special talent, and I cannot wait to see where he takes his career next! One Last thing, it is most definitely safe to say Kuda has crazy new song in the works and potentially on the way…

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