Sink or Swim
Recording Studio

At Sink or Swim Recording Studio, we welcome artists, singers, and creators that need a space to perfect their passion.

Sink or Swim Recording Studio

A MarlinBeats LLC Company

MarlinBeats LLC is a full-time music production company including three members: Robbie, Henry, and Chris. MarlinBeats has been operating out of its studio in Brooklyn for the past few years. With our new venture, Sink or Swim Recording Studio, we can now offer our artists a complete recording solution.


MarlinBeats has Produced for artists such as La Donnis, Zak Downtown, Safa Gaw, Drama Relax, 10k Kobee, OT9 Beno, KG Picasso, and K-Little, and has worked with Grammy nominee songwriters and Platinum record music producers.

Our Specialty

MarlinBeats specializes in the production of Hip/Hop, Trap, Drill, Pop, R&B, and Dancehall/Afro music.
Music production company members: Robbie, Henry, and Chris

Recording Studio Services

Mixing and Mastering

One of the most important processes to ensure your music sounds professional. The mixing process is about enhancing the artist’s vision, making sure that the original emotional intent is conveyed. Mastering, on the other hand, is focused on sound quality. It ensures that the song sounds just as good (or better) than everybody else’s.

Live Streaming

During recording sessions, we offer live streaming events for the artist’s fan base to get a secondary experience of their session.

Studio Rental space

Rent our space for your next recording session using our booking tool.

Listening parties

Throw a listening party to show off your new music to your friends and family.

Photo Shoots

Rent the Sink or Swim Recording Studio space for your next photo shoot.

Networking Events

Plan your next gathering at our recording studio.


Record your next podcast episode at our studio with our top-of-the-line professional equipment and audio engineers.

Beat/Recording classes

Learn the basic and advanced beat-making techniques and the keys to becoming an artist.

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