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About Sink or Swim Recording

Sink or Swim Recording Studio Mission Statement/BIO

MarlinBeats, Long Island’s hottest new producer group, presents SINK OR SWIM RECORDING STUDIOS. 

With a brand new location and upgraded facilities, Sink or Swim Recording Studio offers top-of-the-line services, including, but not limited to, production, recording, mix/master, media packages, and content creation.

For those artists looking to give their fans total access, Sink or Swim Recording Studio offers a one-of-a-kind experience. At the artist’s request, Sink or Swim Recording Studio will live stream their recording session STRAIGHT FROM THE BOOTH, allowing for unparalleled fan interaction.

Sink or Swim Recording Studio will also create podcasts for artists, producers, and all other creators in order to maximize their reach and promote the products and services of their choosing.

Here at Sink or Swim Recording Studio, the success of our partners and colleagues is paramount. As we see it, your success is our success, as we all strive to make a substantial and lasting impact on the music industry. The groundbreaking services offered here at Sink or Swim Recording Studio are the first step towards that objective. 

The long-term goal here at Sink or Swim Recording Studio is worldwide name recognition. Sink or Swim Recording Studio strives to be a place artists can produce, record, write songs, and create in a clean, comfortable environment. Long gone are the days of musical gatekeeping, as creators of all experience levels are welcome to learn or perfect their craft.

No one in the music industry does it all on their own, that’s why we at Sink or Swim Recording Studio truly believe in creating and maintaining relationships in order to allow for the free flow of creativity and a support network that will push your music to the next level. 

Sink or Swim Crew

Ryan Schumer (Recording Engineer)

With a passion for all things sound, Ryan has made a career out of recording, mixing, and mastering for music and film. Ryan earned his bachelor’s degree in music from Five Towns College with a concentration in Audio Recording Technology. 

Engineering for over 9 years, Ryan has been a part of many great projects for a wide variety of artists, labels, and studios across the country. Here are a few notable artists he has worked with: Shawn Mendes, Burna Boy, Jon Bellion, and Smooky MarGielaa.

Ryan Schumer Audio Engineer
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