Chill-E-Vibes - Sink or Swim Recording Studio

The Faceless Artist

ChillEVibes is a Long Island Based artist with a unique style to his craft. Before we even get to
the music, ChillE does not show his face on social media, during live performances, or anywhere else you may find him as an artist. He is a man who values his own & family’s privacy and prefers to let his love for music be the biggest influence amongst his listeners and fans.

ChillEVibes and his brother from another mother, Rosa have been locked in with Sink Or Swim Recording Studio since April of 2022. The two of them have been putting in serious work at the studio, working toward putting together a dope body of work! The combination of their two different styles works brilliantly and will have people catching themselves trying to sing the songs not even knowing the lyrics yet. Don’t be surprised if in a year or two you see these names popping up regularly!

Follow ChillE on Instagram @rydin_on_e and go check out his music ASAP and see what I am talking about.

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